What is United DAO? United DAO is a next generation protocol based on the native token - UTD. It aims to become a truly decentralized currency, backed by yield-generating digital and growth assets, governed on the blockchain and led by industry leading experts. What does United DAO seek to achieve? United DAO's vision is to build a DAO-led decentralized protocol that is accessible to all as a store of value.
United DAO seeks to usher in the new age of DeFi 3.0 through Establishing True Credibility, Strong On-chain Governance and Active Risk Management for our stakeholders. We also seek to reduce price volatility by introducing innovative new tokenomics to our native token model, which would align long-term investors with our project, and a burning mechanism for our tokens in order to reduce the overall token supply. What is United DAO's unique value proposition? United DAO’s Core Protocol establishes two primary strategies for market participants: staking and bonding. Stakers stake their UTD tokens in return for more UTD tokens, while bonders provide LP or USDC in exchange for discounted UTD tokens after a fixed vesting period.
The Core Protocol is underpinned by three unique propositions - United Allies Program, Rewards & Utility Program, and Treasury Management – along with strong enablers.
United DAO was founded by an experienced, versatile team with wide-ranging experiences - spanning blockchain, economics, finance, and more. This provides a strong foundation for the protocol's build, while maintaining an end vision of having a completely DAO-led protocol. How can I benefit from United DAO? You can benefit from United DAO's Core Protocol by becoming a staker or bonder. Staker: The main benefit for stakers comes from supply growth. The protocol mints new UTD tokens from the treasury, the majority of which are distributed to the stakers. Thus, the gain for stakers will come from their auto-compounding balances, though price exposure remains an important consideration. That is, if the increase in token balance outpaces the potential drop in price (due to inflation), stakers would make a profit.
Bonder: The main benefit for bonders comes from price consistency. Bonders commit a capital upfront and are promised a fixed return at a set point in time; that return is in UTD and thus the bonder’s profit would depend on UTD price when the bond matures. Bonders benefit from a rising or static UTD price.
Participants also benefit from United DAO's three other propositions:
  1. 1.
    United Allies Program: The Program is designed to enable growing and building the community and the Treasury. Core features of the Program include a unique pledging mechanism, along with an innovative affiliate program. Users can pledge aUTD to receive higher rewards and perks in return. aUTD will be pledged for a minimum of 3 months.
  2. 2.
    Rewards & Utility Program: The Program introduces an exclusive token “mUTD” (mini UTD), which aims to provide further utility to token holders. It will be used in the protocol's very own reward shop to redeem rewards such as NFTs and more. mUTD can be earned through either “pledge” or “burn” mechanisms.
  3. 3.
    Treasury Management The protocol aims to take an active management strategy for the treasury funds to ensure its resources are effectively utilized. Initial management principles have been laid out to align with different growth phases of United DAO’s treasury. Advisors and partners will provide access and expertise for such strategies, in what will ultimately be determined and finalized by the DAO.
Who are the founder and advisors of United DAO? Our doxxed founder and his stellar team of advisors made up of top credible economics and finance professionals. They possess decades of relevant experience in various well-known MNCs, start-ups, and government entities. Read more about our founder and suite of stellar advisors in our whitepaper or website.
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